Always Know Who's On
Your Website Through SiteVisitor...

SiteVisitor uses Identity Resolution technology to resolve the identity of
your company’s website visitors and convert them to a record that is
permanent, portable, and under your control.

SiteVisitor is a simple yet powerful service that leverages your ability to capture the identities of your best prospects.

It’s also your quickest path to profits — people who have already “shopped” around by visiting your website.

It turns anonymous visitors into a real person that you can identify — and reach — wherever they go.

By installing our SmartPixel on your site, we’re able to use Identity Resolution and our Identity Graph to deterministically identify your website’s visitors and turn them into a permanent record.

We do that by converting that visitor’s information into a privacy protected file called a cryptographic hash.

The Identity Graph behind SiteVisitor currently contains the privacy-protected identities of 260 million U.S. adults, including 3.2 Device IDs and 4.2 email addresses, on average, per person.

We can currently resolve the identity of 80% of visitors to any website, on average.

Once that visitor’s identity is resolved and converted to a hash, it becomes something that is permanent and portable, and owned and controlled by you, forever… unlike platform specific retargeting cookies (like Facebook or Google) that expire and are controlled by the platform.

Because hashes represent a REAL PERSON, they don’t expire the way cookies do, and they’re not subject to the same limitations ad platforms place on cookies.

If we’re targeting Bob, for example, we need to be able to reach Bob (not Bob’s cookie, but Bob) no matter which email he’s using and whether he’s on his phone, desktop or laptop.  

This allows you to monetize your website’s first party data in ways your competitors can’t:

  • Retarget your visitors across any ad platform — even offline — forever.
  • Segment your traffic and retarget based on site behavior.
  • Create behavioral lookalikes to find more of your best prospects.

If you have existing ad operations — in-house or through an agency — and want to see a reduction in CPC and CPA  costs then InMarket Data Targeting is ideal for you. 

InMarket Data Targeting uses three core technologies (Behavioral Tracking, Client Identity Resolution and AI Machine Learning) to find prospects who are actively pursuing a purchase of products or services you offer.

Once a prospect is found, they’re saved in a targeting file in the form of a cryptographic hash. This hash file does a few important things:

It identifies who that person is across multiple devices (laptop, phone, iPad, etc.) and multiple email addresses. It can also provide offline information (name, mailing address, phone number, etc.).

It makes the record of that prospect permanent and portable. Unlike cookies, which are owned by a platform like Google or Facebook, hash files are owned by you. They don’t expire like cookies do. And no one tells you how you can use them. This means you can target those prospects anywhere — across multiple online ad platforms, and even offline.

They can be used to create Behavioral Lookalike audiences. When you upload the hash files to a platform like Google or Facebook, they can create targeting audiences that look like the people in those hash files. And because the hash file that represents a prospect also represents their behavior, the platforms will find more people with those behaviors.

Agencies who use InMarket Data Targeting in this way are typically able to cut a client’s click costs and cost per acquisition by between 25% and 75%.

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