Facebook/Instagram PPC​

We prefer to add the Facebook assets to our Facebook Business Manager. If that does not work, we will work with alternative forms of access.

  • IPPC must be granted access to Ad Account.
    1. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1492627900875762
    2. Please send Account ID # and then approve admin access for the manager
  • IPPC will create a landing page for FB and implement GTM as part of our set up
    1. If not using our LP, IPPC must have confirmation of GTM placed
    2. IPPC is not responsible for revenue variables or tracking on pages not created by
      IPPC. Agency will be informed prior that they are responsible for tracking in these
      cases. This includes eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and sites with phone
      numbers that are not able to swap dynamically.
  • IPPC should have access to Facebook Page (including Instagram if applicable) per
    instructions above.
    1. ***If not, the client understands they will not be able to run ads in News Feed and
      may have decreased performance.
  • If a client does not already have FB Ad Center account we will create one and will link it to all other assets
    1. If a client already has one we will need admin access to this
  • Optional: Recommendation can be requested to determine the minimum daily budget for new clients.

Monthly Campaign Management Fee:

Pricing is per campaign. This is due to all Facebook campaigns being objective specific.
Different objectives require separate campaigns, and therefore separate budgets. They do not
share ads, meaning we treat the optimization of each separately.

Account minimums of $1,000 in spend. Recommended starting budget $2500. Account includes 2 – 3 campaigns with 3 ad sets per campaign. One for top of funnel and one traditional
(non-Omni) remarketing. Any additional are another fee. New niches require another campaign.

IPPC Facebook Management 3.0 Beta

Ad budget Monthly Management Fee Onboarding Fee
$1,000 - $2,500
$2,501 - $5,000
$5,001 - $10,000
$10,001 - $20,000

*above pricing not for ecommerce clients requiring per product ads
**holiday ad changes fall under the below add on structure

Optional add ons:

  • Ad Updates Outside of Once Per Month: $50 per ad set
  • Second Call Tracking Number: $15
  • Additional Landing Page outside of campaign build: $300 for a unique page or $150 for additional variations
  • Custom Ads – Created at $100/hr with no minimum
  • Omni Retargeting Monthly Management: $150
  • Add Google or Bing bundled with Facebook- Coming soon


  • Ads built using the Facebook ad builder and Free Shutterstock images (unless ads are
    otherwise supplied by the client/agency).
    • Ad content (photography, video, etc) should be provided/ordered when
      onboarding if Facebook stock photography will not be suitable for ad copy.
      ***Other ad types, offers, leads, video, etc. should be discussed with your AD before implementing due to additional requirements.
  • Monthly updates to the ad copy and image displaying in the Desktop and Mobile News
    Feed. Please provide any new ad copy changes 7 days prior to first of new month.
  • Build audiences including location, age, gender, precise interests, broad categories (entertainment, jobs/education, etc.), connections, friends of connections, interested in
    (for the users), relationship status, languages, education, and workplaces, custom
    audiences, etc.
  • Bid & Audience Management
  • Code generation
  • Code (pixel) installation on landing pages created and managed by IPPC/Managed
    through GTM
  • One call tracking number
  • Up to 3 ad sets per campaign
  • 2-3 ads per ad group. Each campaign will launch by testing up to 3 ads per ad group,
    and then be optimized to the maximum overall (depending on budget min of 2 ads). At
    launch, each campaign will contain a minimum of 3 unique ads.

What is not included:

  • We will not create or optimize a Facebook Page.

    • If the ads account is not linked to a Facebook Page – ads can only run in the right
      hand column.

  • We will not create the Facebook Ads account. Agency is responsible for creating and
    providing access to pipelinebuildrz (ID:1112313123213213) to manage the Ad Account or Business Manager.
  • Code installation on landing pages not managed by IPPC.
  • Custom ad creation. See below for example of standard ad using free images. Custom
    ads may be purchased from IPPC.
  • Lead ad set up. Lead ads require 3rd party integration. All setups for lead ads must be
    performed by the client or agency.
  • Build only (no monthly management) are not included here

*Please note this pricing is subject to change at any time. New pricing will be coming as
of March 2020.

We strongly encourage you to send photographs, videos, or even custom ads in order to
make updating your ads look as professional as possible while maintaining brand
identity. Below are examples:

Standard Facebook Stock Photography Ad Example
Ad Example

Sidebar has no social proof, no logo, no custom call to action. For up to date ad specs:

Due to the nature of Facebook, all pricing is subject to change. Please see your Account
Director for up to date pricing before onboarding any clients.

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