Demographic Targeting

Whether it’s hispanic moms, African American parents, or millennials, we will get you message in front of the core demographic you want to speak to.

That’s what we all want as advertisers and businesses. If we have done the research and know who our core audience, we simply want to continue connecting and engaging with that audience. Through our demographic targeting methods, we have the ability to touch on many different demographic profiles including:

Demographic marketing is the perfect solution for advertisers that need to drill down further after identifying the core geographic market (geofencing, zip code, or city) and need to heavily engage with that audience.

Geographic Targeting + Demographic Layering = Bliss

How Do We Layer Demographic Targeting?

3rd Party Segment

Through 3rd party segments, we have access to other global partners who have developed their own audience segments that are shared with the world and verified by our team. Whether you want to target moms, African Americans, or Hispanics, we have a solution to help you drill down to you ideal customer.

Contextual Categories

We discussed the possibilities with our keyword contextual targeting, having over 350 contextual categories you can choose from to ensure you drilling closer to that psychographic and demographic profile.


Our team has access to over 100,000’s of websites and apps to bid on and advertise our clients’ adverts on. You need a list of websites in which hispanics between 25 – 50 frequent, we got it. Want to message African American living in Atlanta, Georgia, we got you covered. The sky is the limit with our demographic targeting capabilities.

Demographic + Geofencing Case Studies

And when you’re layering our demographic targeting with the most advanced location based mobile advertising based on people’s physical activities and the places they go, beautiful things happen. Our geo fencing technology allows for advertisers to reach users wherever they go beit your competitor’s locations, your own store front, or events they attend. With our precise polygon tracking, we can target actual buildings (not just entire blocks) where your ideal audience frequents.

The Possibilities For Hyper Local & Demographic Targeting Are Endless:

We pride ourselves on our geofencing capabilities. No other technology exists that allows for such granular targeting and audience building.

Programmatic Display Campaign Development

Digital Analysis

Here we perform a deep digital dive into your company to see how we can leverage programmatic for your business and your business objectives.

Creative Development

It's time we deep dive into the various keyword opportunities that will translate into targeted increased traffic and above industry norm click-through-rates.

Programmatic Development

It's time to begin developing your programmatic campaign from campaign tactic to targeting and even geographic targeting.


We pull all our programmatic display data into a dashboard and review to begin our process of proactive optimizations.


Whether it's changing targeting, removing domains not performing, or developing better creative assets, we take this part seriously.

Geo Zone Conversion Reporting

We are also able to track conversions both online, as well as offline conversions (i.e. those who came back to your restaurant, retail store, desired location).

If you are leveraging our location based technology to directly communicate and reach your desired audience, contact us on how we’d develop a granular campaign tailored to your business and organizational goals.

Ultimate Geofencing Strategy Guide

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