Conversion Zone Tracking

After people have seen your Ads online, our team can track those who have then come back to your store, location, or building that you want to drive foot traffic to.

How Conversion Zones Work (Online Advertising To Offline Foot Traffic)

Conversion zones are a powerful means to track your online advertising to offline storefront traffic and conversions (meaning those people who physically went to a particular location as a result of seeing your Ads).
Now you can truly determine the impact your advertising is having on people who have seen your ads and walk to your designated conversion zone. And our team is tracking it all in our reporting dashboard.

Natural Store Visitors Versus Advertised Store Visitors

Now that we know we can track people who saw or clicked on your ads and then visited your storefront, you know you can tie real offline traffic back to your online return on investment. But a reasonable question we get a lot from advertisers is “how do you know if that traffic was still going to visit my store regardless of seeing our Ads?”

Geo Conversion Lift Tracking

Our team can track the number of people who would have naturally visited your store front versus the number of people who visited your store front as a result of seeing your Ads. It’s what we call geo lift. We calculate it by looking at the percent increase in natural store front visitors versus advertising percent increase in store front visitors. Now you really know how effective your advertising is going.

Real Offline To Online Tracking Such As Store Visitors Who Saw Your Ads Were Not Possible, Until Now.

Geo Conversion Lift & Conversion Zone Use Cases

Conversion Zone Reporting

We report on a host of conversion zone metrics including:

Programmatic Display Campaign Development

Digital Analysis

Here we perform a deep digital dive into your company to see how we can leverage programmatic for your business and your business objectives.

Creative Development

It's time we deep dive into the various keyword opportunities that will translate into targeted increased traffic and above industry norm click-through-rates.

Programmatic Development

It's time to begin developing your programmatic campaign from campaign tactic to targeting and even geographic targeting.


We pull all our programmatic display data into a dashboard and review to begin our process of proactive optimizations.


Whether it's changing targeting, removing domains not performing, or developing better creative assets, we take this part seriously.

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