Analytics & Reporting

What also matters is one integrated dashboard that can track all of your campaigns including Adwords, SEO, Programmatic, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

Integrate All Your Marketing Activities Into One Reporting Dashboard

Data Matters. Analytics Matters. Reporting Matters. And above all, ROI Matters.

Those are the cornerstones of our analytics team and how we showcase the effectiveness of any comprehensive digital campaigns we launch for clients. We can track many of your standard channels via one dashboard including, but NOT limited to:

Track All Your Phone Calls With ROI Precision

For most companies and organizations, phone calls are the main determining factor for capturing business. Many companies that do receive phone calls do not track the effectiveness of their advertising or which campaigns are translating into phone calls.

Our call tracking combined with our Analytics dashboard allows for us to track calls down to the following:

Some companies want to measure phone calls or leads. But there is is always a bigger story to tell on all the actions that lead up to real leads, sales, and even foot traffic to your company. Our advanced analytics team can track everything that is critical to you understanding whether your advertising is truly translating into actions and leads.

Whether it was someone who clicked on your ads or simply “viewed” your ads, we an measure attribution back to the following actions on your website and your store:

Let Our Analytics Team Track All Your Conversions & Pre Conversions

Our ability to track online AND offline conversions is what sets our team a part from other digital agencies. The ability to track someone who saw your Ad and actually visited your store is powerful. We utilize a slew of data points and conversion metrics that are relevant to your campaign including but not limited to:

Analytics Development & Reporting

KPI Discovery

We dive deep into your business and campaign goals and create the pre-conversions/conversions we want to track via our on your website and via our analytics dashboard.

Site Tag Management

In order to track everything appropriately, we need to place HTML coding on your website for platforms like Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking Pixels.

Analytics Dashboard

Before we launch your campaign, we build a dashboard customized to your advertising channels including Google Analytics, Ads, SEO, and social.

Reporting Delivery

We will deliver standard PDF reports or provide an custom login access to you, allowing you to view the your data across all your campaigns.


We will tie all of the conversions we're tracking back to your organic and advertising channels so you can measure your true ROI.

Granular Analytics Reporting

This is an area we love to talk about. With analytics, we can determine what’s effective and what’s not and turn ineffective campaigns into positive ROI campaigns for our clients. You will receive regularly reports highlighting the most important functions of your campaigns and we will report on everything via one dashboard.

There is an entire story to tell with your advertising. It’s not simply about the phone calls or sales you get. It’s also about the things that leads up to the phone calls and sales you get. Allow our analytics team to integrate all your digital channels and measure all your secondary stage conversions.

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